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Cliven Bundy; an indigenous perspective on the armed militia response

Attack the System

Lingit Latseen

I am personally ambivalent regarding Mr. Bundy’s specific claims to grazing lands and cattle grazing in Nevada. I feel certain there are environmental issues with cattle grazing practices in an arid region. As an Alaska Native and American Indian (descended from two distinct tribes) I would also be very sympathetic to any current indigenous claims to the land in question; but I am not aware of any.

I have seen two different reactions to the situation through social media from fellow Natives. The first has been unabashed support for anyone fighting the Feds. We have our own history of armed standoffs with government forces. Consequently, our organizations have been the target of intense repression by COINTELPRO and law enforcement. Additionally, a number of incidents, from entrapment of indigenous trappers to raids on hemp farms in sovereign territory have put the native population at odds with the Feds; nevermind…

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BBC Editorial Misinformation & Propaganda

The ONLY reason I am posting this is because this opinion piece from the BBC is classic propaganda and lies, designed to lull western readers into a fuzzy acceptance of their own leaders’ crimes and provocations toward war. If this type of MSM crap is where you are getting your news (or like Reuters, NPR, MSNBC, Fox, etc.), you are being badly misinformed.

The last paragraph is the worst. It is nothing more than a recycling of the old Communist Domino Theory, which I’m sure you all remember, was the public psychic massaging (and messaging) used to gain public support (or at least blunt resistance) to wars in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Colombia, etc.

When the BBC prints this type of shit, it makes me want to puke in disgust:
“There is always a question mark over punitive measures. Are they a help or a hindrance? As a broad principle, Western nations publicly preach the benefits of engagement over isolation and regard the cold-shoulder as an extreme measure.”

REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??? Yeah, the U.S. was forced to sanction Iraq for 10 years, admittedly killing 500,000 Iraqi children. (But the price was worth it.) Yeah, the U.S. has been forced to sanction Iran for 35 years, killing their children also, because the Iranians had the gall to overthrow the dictator installed there by the U.S. (by, strangely and familiarly enough, overthrowing the Iranian’s own democratically elected president).

See a pattern here?

Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Last Friday, it was reported that “representatives” from nine western states met in the Land of Deseret to discuss “wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.”

Anytime Scott Bedke is involved in an agenda, you can be assured that he is angling to shift control of public resources to himself and his cronies. You all know that I am no fan of the federal government, and it is pretty clear that the reasons for the existence of so many federal reserves in the West were not altruistic. At the same time the federal government was locking up vast swathes of forest, plains and canyon lands, it was exterminating the Indians who lived there. The land and water control policies were intended, from the outset, to ensure that the eastern financial powers maintained control over the vast resources of the West.

That said, the side benefit of federal control over these lands has been that the general public has had enormous opportunities to enjoy these lands as a “commons”, and it has further slowed the degradation of those same lands by sociopathic extractive industry and the bible-thumping welfare-babies in cowboy hats.

Mark my words: If the morons in the Idaho Statehouse get their grubby hands on these lands, we will all be excluded from the same land, as they run their land maggots and slow elk like a lawnmower through the mountains and prairies of this land, as they gouge out and blast away our beautiful peaks and breathtaking canyons, as they pour greater and greater amounts of mercury and sulfur dioxide into our air and our clear rivers and streams, and as they annihilate our fish, our birds, our ungulates, our frogs, until there is no birdsong to be heard, and no trees to whisper in the wind. Just mooing and the stench of cowshit.


We’ll Be ‘Dead Or In Prison Before We Allow’ Keystone Pipeline

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