Nehweh Gahnin here.  Yes, that is my “real name,” although not my “family” name nor the name the State recognizes me by.  I get asked from time to time how to pronounce my name, and when I tell them, I inevitably have to walk them through it, if they remain interested, more than once. I’ll simply say that all of the H’s are pronounced.

This blog is about issues.  I do not suffer fools or ideologues, but I will welcome and celebrate strong debate on matters of economics, governmental policy, philosophy, spirituality, and a variety of practical concerns.  Coming here with a defense of Sarah Palin’s revisionary history will get you run.  Sarah Palin and her ilk are not issues, they are personalities, and warped ones at that.  If you want to discuss personalities, go to People Magazine.  You can exit here:  http://www.people.com/people/

Similarly, I don’t give a damn about what political party you identify with.  Seriously, I really, really don’t.  You can be right-wing or left-wing, progressive, conservative (fiscally and/or socially), mainstream or fringe, foreign or domestic; I DON’T CARE.  That is not to say that I will have a problem, within reason, with discussing a concrete proposal on a matter of concern that may have originated with your particular political love guru.  Within reason…  Don’t be coming to me with any “birther” nonsense, because you’re going to get punked, plain and simple.  You know why?  Because it doesn’t frickin’ matter.  Ya know what?  Bush stole the election in ’04, too, and that don’t matter either, because no one – not me, not you and not the Fed Chairman – can un-do that moron’s presidency.  (Well, maybe the Fed Chairman could…  I’ve been told his thinking is way above my pay grade.)

BTW:  Sorry if it seems like I’m picking on conservatives here, but they seem to give me such rich material to work with.

So let me tell you something about politics, while I’m talking here about not talking about politics.  First, I live in the United States, so my frame of reference starts there.  That said, American politics is a colossal waste of resources, time and energy.  If you want to understand politics in America, you need to understand something about economics, because our political system starts there.  Your ballot does not matter.  Money matters, and that’s it.  There is no better example than the 2008 presidential election, wherein a shiny new minority candidate finally broke all sorts of heretofore “barriers” to take office.  There was a freshness to Barack Obama’s campaign, which was actually pinned to the amorphous concepts of “hope” and “change.”  Yah, right.  Obama promised to end the drug war; he intensified it.  He promised to clean up Wall Street; he hired all of its captains.  He promised to right the nation’s financial ship; so we get TARP 2 and QE2 (and since I first wrote this, QEInfinity), and the Obama administration has continued to shovel our public funds into the pockets of the banks and insurance companies, while not lifting a finger to protect the middle and lower classes from impoverishment and destruction.  He promised to correct the privacy rights abuses of the Bush-Cheney regime; his method of correction turned out to be maintaining and extending those abuses.  Gitmo, still open.  NSA warrantless surveillance of everyone. Drone strikes and double-taps to execute Americans (and many others) without Due Process. The list is much longer than that.  Other than those lies, there was one overriding reason Obama was successful in his campaign:  He was owned by the financial giants who really run this country.  As was Bush and Cheney, as was Clinton, as was Bush Sr., on and on and on.

The long and short of it is this: Republican, Democrat or Tea Party, it doesn’t matter.  None of us will see a candidate that is not bought and paid for, or useful to the financial elites through their ignorance.

Okay, so off of Trump’s hair and Weiner’s weiner now.  Let’s hit this.


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