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Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Last Friday, it was reported that “representatives” from nine western states met in the Land of Deseret to discuss “wresting control of oil-, timber -and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.”

Anytime Scott Bedke is involved in an agenda, you can be assured that he is angling to shift control of public resources to himself and his cronies. You all know that I am no fan of the federal government, and it is pretty clear that the reasons for the existence of so many federal reserves in the West were not altruistic. At the same time the federal government was locking up vast swathes of forest, plains and canyon lands, it was exterminating the Indians who lived there. The land and water control policies were intended, from the outset, to ensure that the eastern financial powers maintained control over the vast resources of the West.

That said, the side benefit of federal control over these lands has been that the general public has had enormous opportunities to enjoy these lands as a “commons”, and it has further slowed the degradation of those same lands by sociopathic extractive industry and the bible-thumping welfare-babies in cowboy hats.

Mark my words: If the morons in the Idaho Statehouse get their grubby hands on these lands, we will all be excluded from the same land, as they run their land maggots and slow elk like a lawnmower through the mountains and prairies of this land, as they gouge out and blast away our beautiful peaks and breathtaking canyons, as they pour greater and greater amounts of mercury and sulfur dioxide into our air and our clear rivers and streams, and as they annihilate our fish, our birds, our ungulates, our frogs, until there is no birdsong to be heard, and no trees to whisper in the wind. Just mooing and the stench of cowshit.



We’ll Be ‘Dead Or In Prison Before We Allow’ Keystone Pipeline

Tim DeChristopher, your travails are a gift to us all.

You will not find a more eloquent, courageous and principled moral statement anywhere.  This statement is on a moral par with Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail, and he goes to prison for all of us.  Coming on the heels of my post regarding Peak Oil, I am compelled to post this statement, made by Tim DeChristopher to his sentencing federal judge.  It is the measure of moral action that each of us should be prepared to undertake, and to accept, as the cost of taking right action.  Here, in his own words:

Musings on Mother Earth and Kindness

I had an interesting interaction yesterday, and it really impacted me at a radical and fundamental level.  As I took a smoke break at the office (yes, I still smoke), I looked over toward the front of the building and spied someone lying in the grass.  The person appeared to be sleeping.  I assumed it was one of the tenants of the building catching a nap, or maybe one of their clients, biding time before an appointment.  An hour or so later, I saw the person was still there, and started watching.  After a few minutes, the person stood, and I could see it was a young male, I would estimate in his early twenties.  He was dressed only in his underwear.  The young man stretched and walked over to a nearby vinyl fence separating the business parking lot from the neighboring property.  He then grabbed the top of the fence, and banged his head on it a few times, pulled the top of the fence to-and-fro, banged his head a couple more times.  He then stood with his belly against the fence, and urinated on it.

My observations quickly led to a reassessment of the napper, and I can’t say it was positive.  His affect appeared agitated, perhaps drug-induced.  He returned to his spot in the grass (right behind my car), and sat down.  At this point, I decided to observe him more closely.  I returned inside the building and went to the front, where I could observe him through a window.  After a very short time, the young man picked up his few belongings — some clothes and a plastic bag containing some apparently light items — and began walking back along the side of the building, toward the side door from where I had originally observed him.  I followed from inside the building.

The young man walked along the east side of the building.  My office is located on the northeastern corner, so I went there and watched as he walked around that corner, and behind the building.  (My building is fenced on three sides.)  I continued following, as he traversed to the west side, where he put his clothes on, shorts and a t-shirt.  He then returned to the east side of the building, where he laid down directly underneath my office window.  My desk and chair are directly in front of this window.  The window has blinds, which were turned downward but not shut.  He lay down on his stomach and cradled his head in his arms.

I was concerned at this time.  I strongly considered calling police to have him removed from the site, as he clearly did not belong there.  I weighed the action in my head as I watched him lie beneath my window.  He could tell he was being watched, as he sat up a couple times and looked around, each time laying back down.  And I contemplated.  I wondered if perhaps he was homeless — a very distinct possibility in these times.  Nonetheless, it was nearing the end of the workday, and I was not desirous of him continuing to be right outside my window as I left my office.  Should I call police?  Should I ignore him?

And then, as I watched his feet dawdle, in their flip-flops, a thought occurred to me.  What if that was my son?  What if one of my sons were to find himself in that very place, with someone like me secretly staring from behind blinds?  I wondered what had brought him there, and whether he was hungry.  Tears welled up into my eyes, and I instantly knew my course of action.  I had an apple in the refrigerator from a lunch I had not quite finished a week or so past.  I had a water bottle I had earlier emptied that day.  I went to the kitchen and retrieved the apple, and filled the bottle with tap water, and I went outside.

I exited from a door near where he was laying, and he instantly stood up.  He positioned himself in the middle of the side lawn as I approached.  And I asked him, “Are you hungry?”  He looked at me for a second and said, “What?”  I repeated, “Are you hungry?” and added, “Do you want this apple?”  His breath went out of him, and it was clear he had been holding it.  He smiled, and took the apple from me.  I then handed him the water.

The young man seemed to feel a need to explain himself, and began a fragmented story about police and the “psych ward.”  But that wasn’t why I was there any longer.  I looked at him and said, “That is all I have.  This apple and water.”  He looked at me and said, “Wow.  I didn’t expect that,” and his eyes watered up.  I nodded to him and turned to go back inside.  He called to me, “Thank you,” and I told him he was welcome.  I never saw him again after that.

Speaking only to what I experienced, because I cannot presume to speak for him, I had turned my fear into compassion, my protectiveness into caring, my anxiety to kindness, and that apple and water did far more for me yesterday than it would have if I had ingested them.

I came home that night, and watched the waxing moon, nearly full, floating among stars and flirting with the clouds, at peace, and feeling whole.


Stone Lodge

Earth doomsday prophecies distract from slow-motion apocalypse

Earth doomsday prophecies distract from slow-motion apocalypse.

This is a cautious assessment of recent news related to an astral body, C/2010 X1 (Elenin), and its implications for our beautiful world.  Elenin will, on August 3, 2011, cross the Earth’s orbit and enter the space between our Sun and our Mother.  It will then orbit sharply around the Sun and again pass fairly close to our Mother, just ahead of our orbit.  (This is factual, and known to NASA and most all who inquire.  What that means for our world is controversial, and disputed.)  I will shortly be posting more about Elenin, but I’m still in the ramp-up phase of collecting and assessing the data for myself.  Love each and every wisp of life, for it is its own gift, to be treasured in its fleeting.  Namaste.

Here is the article that tipped me off to our mysterious visitor.

Here is the data from Jet Propulsion Laboratories, which you can review for yourself. It includes an incredible application that permits you to scroll through the orbital history and projections for Elenin, just as was shown in the YouTube video on Dr. Sircus’ blog.;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

July 6, 2011 now. The 4th of July weekend intervened, not to mention certain other factors, such as my J.O.B. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I have concluded that the information regarding Elenin is … inconclusive. Which is a shame, really, because I don’t think it would be that difficult for NASA and the USG to squash the rumors — if that is all they are — by the release of real data relating to the body’s mass and make-up. But in all my meanderings, I found nothing, NOTHING. Not from NASA, JPL, NOAA, nor any public or private university.

Perhaps I tend towards gullibility, but if NASA and JPL put out data on Elenin’s mass, in particular, and that data was supported by a handful of university astronomy departments, then I would be ready to hang up my shootin’ irons and believe this little cantina might be okay. But without that, and given the fairly incredible conjunctions of time, distance and alignment with catastrophic seismic events, I think I’ll keep those irons belted to my waist.

That said, if Elenin really is an “Earth Life Extinction” event, what are we going to do about it? The only thing to do is to be everything in the coming weeks that we have endeavored to be. Enrich ourselves, enrich those around us. Love, be kind, be smart and level-headed, and drink in every moment between now and (whenever) that we can, to the fullest. Dance, play with the children, and sing out loud. Talk to animals, to plants, to yourself, and to our late Aunt Bea. Eat something you’ve never eaten before. Heal a rift you’ve worried about for years. Be.


UPDATE:  Today is October 5, 2011.  I’m still here.  Hopefully, so are you.  I see my last post in this blog was August 9, which is a long time ago, but it doesn’t feel very long.  Life has a way of doing that sometime.  So anyway, Elenin lined up directly between the Earth and the Sun on September 27th.  I had that date plugged into my calendar, but I went about my life and still went to work that day.  Why not, right?  I am patting myself on the back for not simply buying into this remarkable set of correlations I wrote about.  I learned a long time ago that even some pretty amazing correlations can be just coincidence, and so it appears here.  Which is a good thing, because this past week has been an incredible experience.  I am participating, today, in the first public action of Occupy Boise, in conjunction with and support of the protests occurring as Occupy Wall Street, along with similar protests around the nation and internationally, as well.  Yay!  All the writing I’ve done on this blog has been screaming into a vacuum.  I have no readers save my closest family and a couple friends.  But now I have a voice, and it is joined by those untold numerous souls who were out there experiencing the same sangfroid as I all this time.  Who the fuck knew???


Elenin, it is a good damned thing you didn’t crack our planet, or spin us off into outer space, or cause the oceans to slosh over all the continents, because I would have missed this day, and I would have been really pissed about that.  And so would have the other 99%.  Time to go.

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